From farm boy to self-employed freelance writer

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How I built a full-time income writing and you can, too

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The 5 best new stories for writers published this week

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“I realize the gift of being ‘the other.’ It has given me the ability to see into worlds, look at stories and find connection where someone else might not be able to.” — Pearl Marvell

“Whether it’s a baby or a middle-aged man named Bob who’s sitting in his yard…

Why your business should be blogging

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Tips for engaging with online audiences on these special days

What to read to learn more about this horrifying period of American history

Five Hauntingly Good Books About the Salem Witch Trials
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The 5 best new stories for writers published this week

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“My hack is about making you better prepared for these sprints, and it’s a super simple thing we all do in our daily lives.” — Chloe Alice Balkin

“As a veteran (or should I say seasoned) nonfiction book editor, I’ve seen it all. Many times. So consider this advice while…

Novels to read with the lights on and your eyes wide open

7 Terrifying Books to Read for Halloween
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The best new stories for writers published this week

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“I can’t change the writing I’ve done; all I can do is learn from it and be better next time. But these five tips guide my writing in some shape or form, and maybe someone else can learn from them too.” — Fleurine Tideman

“It’s not easy, it might not…

Pulled from the writer’s interview with The Paris Review

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Nicholas E. Barron

A farm boy turned professional writer. Publishing stories about books, content marketing, and writing. | he, him, his 🏳️‍🌈

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