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In Jan. 2020, I leaped into full-time freelance writing. Two months later, the pandemic shut everything down, including my clients.

But I made it through and now have a thriving business. Along with writing for clients and working on a book, I publish pieces on Medium about writing and freelancing.

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Quick Bio

My origin story centers around a small farm in the eastern reaches of Missouri’s Ozark Mountains, where my brother and I grew up.

People often think that sounds lovely, and it had its benefits. But we didn’t have much money, and I was a closeted gay kid in a rural, hyper-religious area. So, you know, not a ton of fun.

These days, I live with my husband in Washington, D.C. I apply my farm boy work ethic to writing. I’m a self-employed freelance writer producing content for clients and here on Medium for people like you. I’m also currently researching for a nonfiction book.

Along with Medium, you can find me on:

You can subscribe to my newsletter. And you can email me, nick at bidwellcontent dot com.

While I byline my articles as Nicholas E. Barron, you can call me Nick.

Privilege Disclosure

It’s essential to acknowledge some of the privileges I’ve enjoyed and continue to enjoy that make my profession and life possible.

For starters, I’m a tall white guy in the United States of America, which puts me literally head and shoulders above many others. I’m not subject to gender, racial, or ethnicity-based bias and profiling.

The land where I grew up was stolen from indigenous Americans. No one in my family did the thieving, but I benefited, and continue to benefit, from the robbery and genocide of Native Americans.

Today, I live in a city built by enslaved people. Here in Washington, D.C., a disproportionate number of Black Americans do not have the same access as I do to everything from grocery stores to parks to quality housing.

While I’m a member of the LGBTQ community, I do not belong to an underrepresented group. I do not have a disability.

And, perhaps most importantly, when it comes to my self-employment, I am not entirely self-sufficient. My husband’s job provides me with affordable health insurance and additional income that makes working as a freelance writer easier.



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